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In 2018, three founding partners established Bfuture Metal Group, with more than 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing high-end consumables. Its headquarters is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

BFUTURE METAL GROUP is a technology-based group that focuses on high-end consumables and integrates R&D, production, marketing and service into one. The Group brings together talents from around the world to serve the global market with superior R&D capabilities, strong marketing capabilities, strong language skills and extensive industry experience.
In China, we have set up an operation headquarter in Ningbo. At the same time, we built a precision machining factory near Ningbo, and designed exclusive service bases in East China and South China

To serve the single largest market in the world, we have gathered rich technical resources, human resources and market resources to become a bridge for international companies to enter the Chinese market and to establish long-term stable strategic cooperation with customers.
In Thailand, we have established a one-stop production base 

A one-stop production base for the wire EDM industry to focus on the production, research and development of complete consumables and spare parts related to wire cutting machines of production lines, and to better serve the global precision processing industry.
We are committed to building a platform for parts and consumables of wire EDM industry for our customers around the world. Through multi-faceted strategic cooperation with customers, we provide customers with a variety of products and services, and become the leader of the precision processing industry.

  • Taiwan

    Global Headquarters
    R&D center
    Production Center
  • China

    Ningbo headquarters
    Precision Machining Factory
    Great Eastern Division
    Great Southern Division
  • Thailand

    Bangkok Plant
    Chonburi Plant