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The 19th Die & Mould China end in a satisfactory way
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The 19th Die & Mould China rounded off with a lot of gains.

There were over 1000 companies who are from 16 countries to exhibit at the show.

Bfuture Metal Group sent the elite team to introduce their progress to hundreds clients.

By understanding the needs, they can provide the exclusive solutions for each client.

Bfuture Metal Group showed their main product “Independent-development Fine Wires with high precision”.

 The core of the wires are CCS which can bear 2000 above tension. 

The diameter of fine wires are 0.03, 0.05, 0.07mm and clients can use them to cut the tool pars which are required high precision.

The technique of fine wires is attracting to most clients and they are willing to give it a test.

Bfuture Metal Group are paid attention with development and production technique and they gain a good publicity by running the company with a new concept.

Thank you for supporting Bfuture team.

Hope to see you at EMO this September.