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BFUTURE METAL GROUP returned from EMO Hannover
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BFUTURE METAL GROUP just returned from EMO Hannover with glory.
We attended a six-day grand meeting of precision industry with partners from over 150 regions. 

During the exhibition,Bfuture presented it's techniques and experience,gathering attention from many of the best companies.
Also,we showed our ongoing strategic plan,unveiling Bfuture's global allocation.

At this international grand occasion,Bfuture showed global clients its own techniques of manufacturing precision wires,

including medical appliance,semiconductor and aerospace industry.

We manifacture suitable wires for different categories of appliance.
In the future,we are expanding much more kinds of services, offering a bettter future to global clients.

We are grateful to every member dedicated in the exhibition,and the support from every global clients.
Come to see us at the DMP International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics & Packaging Exhibition on November 26-29!

Better Future.Better Solution